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Jodi Arias’ Parents Beg For Donations To Help Her Fight ‘Wrongful Conviction’: ‘We Love Our Daughter’

Nov 4 2014 4:58pm CST | Source: RadarOnline

Desperate times call for desperate measures? As Jodi Arias’ appeal continues to drag on, has learned that her mom and dad have taken to the internet, begging for fans to donate funds to help them overturn what they say is their daughter’s “wrongful conviction” in the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. The Arias family’s official Twitter account posted a link this week to a YouTube video titled “A Message From Bill ...
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Jodi Arias Retrial: Defense To Put On Case, Hoping To Persuade Jury Convicted Murderer Shouldn’t Get Death Penalty

Oct 30 2014 3:30pm CDT | Source: Radar Online

Jodi Arias’ defense team will begin their case to try and save the convicted murderer from the death penalty when the sentencing retrial resumes Thursday in Arizona’s Maricopa County Superior Court. The trial of the 34-year-old, who murdered her boyfriend Travis Alexander in June 2008, will enter its’ sixth day after Judge Sherry Stephens gave jurors an off day Wednesday. So far, the retrial has had similar themes to the first one, a ...
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Jury Hears Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander’s Recorded Sex Phone Call, But Legal Analyst Says Jurors Are Losing ‘Shock Value’

Oct 28 2014 4:50pm CDT | Source: RadarOnline

Jurors considering whether or not Jodi Arias should live or die heard the killer and her victim engage in sizzling sex talk and sing to each other during Tuesday’s death penalty retrial. “I love it when you grab my butt,” Arias is heard telling Travis Alexander in the 40-minute phone call recorded just weeks before she stabbed him 27 times, slit his throat and shot him. PHOTOS: Most Notorious American Murder Trials Jurors remained surprisingly stil ...
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Jodi Arias Retrial: Detective Says Murderer First Shot, Then Slashed, Her Lover Travis Alexander

Oct 23 2014 3:17pm CDT | Source: RadarOnline

Det. Esteban Flores took the stand to kick off Thursday’s session in the retrial of Jodi Arias, in which a jury will decide whether the 34-year-old who murdered her boyfriend Travis Alexander in June 2008, will be sentenced to death, or life in prison. During his cross-examination from Arias’ head lawyer Kirk Nurmi, Flores said that Arias first shot Alexander, who was still conscious, then attacked him with a knife, slashing his throat, according to reporter, Jen Wood, who liv ...
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Jodi Arias Seeking Help From Admirers To Help Raise $250,000 For Appeals – Has Already Raised $30,000

Oct 22 2014 8:02pm CDT | Source: Radar Online

Jodi Arias wants the public’s help in paying for her attorney’s fees! If she’s hit with the death penalty, Arias is going to turn to her admirers to help raise money for appeals, according to a report in The National ENQUIRER. In fact, insiders tell the magazine the photographer-waitress has already raised about $30,000 from her fans! A source told The ENQUIRER that Arias’ goal is to raise $250,000 to pay “a retainer for an atto ...
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Jodi Arias Retrial: Sickening Stream Of Travis Alexander Murder Images Continue, Horrifying Relatives Present

Oct 22 2014 2:33pm CDT | Source: RadarOnline

The retrial of Jodi Arias is picking up where the original left off — full of graphic images and anecdotes about the murder victim, Travis Alexander. During Wednesday’s session, the second in the retrial, Alexander’s sisters could only bow their heads while the jury was shown a full frontal autopsy photo of their brother’s mutilated, naked body after Arias, 34, stabbed and shot her then-boyfriend in ...
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It Begins…Again! Prosecutors Open Jodi Arias’ Death Penalty Trial With Gruesome Photo

Oct 21 2014 8:34pm CDT | Source: RadarOnline

The Arizona trial to determine whether or not Jodi Arias will face the death penalty or spend the rest of her life in prison kicked off Tuesday, and the prosecution wasted no time in getting down to business. Seeking the death penalty, Prosecutor Juan Martinez opened the trial by showing a gruesome photo of Travis Alexander’s throat slit open and saying, “This is how much she loved him,” according to ABC News. He ended his opening statement by declaring, “The ...
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Jury retrial to begin on Arias sentence

Oct 20 2014 11:27pm CDT | Source: CNN World Music

Jodi Arias and her legal team will begin fighting for her life this week when a new jury hears opening arguments on whether she should receive a life or de ...
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Sometimes It’s Hard to Kill a Woman

Oct 20 2014 3:24pm CDT | Source:

Arizona is still trying to get the death penalty for Jodi Arias over six years after she shot, stabbed, and carved up her boyfriend because she got lost a little in her crazy girlfriend role. Arizona has always struck me as a place where they move pretty quickly on shit that needs getting done. The O.K. Corral, stealing old people from Floriday, the University of Phoenix passing out college degrees in less time than it used to take to download a Cindy Margolis jpeg on a 14.4 mo ...
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