Kristen Stewart Debuts Platinum Blonde Shaved Head on Personal Shopper Premiere

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Kristen Stewart appears with new look – platinum blonde hair after shaving her head

Kristen Stewart appeared with a new look on Tuesday March 7. She walked over red carpet with a new cut and color, a style named platinum blond buzz cut. The star gave a surprised entry with her new look and posed for her movie premier of Personnel Shopper.

Photographers were amazed after seeing the Twilight star in a new haircut. Kristen Stewart wore simple outfit, a stylish black top along with sheer corset and black pants, according to US Weekly.

To give a contrast, Kristen Stewart gave her eyes a Smokey makeup and also developed dark brows. She did not had any eyeliner to look more dramatic.

Kristen Stewart did not shave her hair as a fashion style; instead she had to do it for her upcoming movie Underwater where she plays as a research crew member who survives in an earthquake, according to E! News.

However she wanted the new look, and made it more unique through stunning eye makeup. As she also said in 2014, that she will shave here head before she dies. She also said that she will tattoo her head before she gets her hair back.

She also shared her experiences about technology while covering for V Magazine’s new issue named Free Spirit.She explained that talking on phone is more understandable than texts and social media where you are talking to yourself that is not very clear.

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