Chrissy Teigen Talks First Time About Her Postpartum Depression

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Chrissy Teigen Tells the World About Her Postpartum Depression

Chrissy Teigen tells her story of postpartum depression to the world. Chrissy Teigen is a well-known personality who is also versatile. She is the author of bestselling cook book, a host of Emmy, Sports Illustrated cover girl and future fashion designer.

People call her an open book, because she can share anything, and can discuss on any topic. However, this is the first time she wants to share about her postpartum depression, in which one in nine women gets affected, as reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

She revealed her truth in an interview to Glamour magazine that covered her in the latest edition. She was also asked by Glamour to write an essay. Chrissy said she can write on any topics, but now she wanted to share her story about postpartum depression. She explained that people think I have no serious life issues, and I am the happiest person with cool husband John, who she is married for 10 years.In her essay, she also talked about her success as a cook book author.

Last year in April, she gave birth to a baby girl called Luna. During her pregnancy, Chrissy had to go through several postpartum depressions. She had an energetic pregnancy. After delivering her baby girl, Chrissy had to go through several changes, like construction of new home, living in rental home, and in hotel. She thought her stress was the reason of depression.

When Luna was 4 months old she started hosting the show again, but she was changed. Now she wasn’t energetic to get up early, and get ready for the day. She used to forget the lyrics of the songs, and was least interested in making different choices on the set.

She was so depressed that she spent most of her time at home without a single step in the outer world. She even did not know if it rained outside.She lacked energy for any outdoor activity with her husband. She lost her confidence, as it was apparent from her body language, because she could not walk straight with a confident smile. Due to bad posture, she even had severe back pains.

When she started her second cookbook, she could not taste here recipes, because of vomiting and nausea. She in fact became a couch girl, and used to yell, and throw things in depression. She could not sleep at night, and did not have energy to handle her baby.Eventually, she had a meeting with her GP who diagnosed her with postpartum depression and anxiety and gave her antidepressants. She also looked for therapist for fast recovery from depression.

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