Gigi Hadid Covers First Issue of Vogue Arabia

Credit: Gigi Hadid Instagram

Recently Vogue Arabia covered Gigi Hadid, making her the first cover star. The magazine has published this issue in English and Arabic. Both covers show different images with sequined headscarf.

Hadid said that, through an international fashion magazine, people across the world can know different cultures.
New editor-in-chief of the new vogue will be Saudi Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, and the publisher is Conde Nast International.

Abdulaziz said that just a single cover will bring another culture to the world through Vogue. Most people have
supported the two covers, and some Instagram users also want Arabian models to be covered by vogue in future.
One Instagram follower said that the image is great, but Arabian girls should also be the cover model as they are beautiful. Hadid is not a complete Arabian, as she has parents with mixed cultures, like the mother is a Dutch-born American, and her father is Palestinian-American.

Karlie Kloss had a photo shoot for vogue that got critical reviews due to racial appropriation, as Kloss is white and was presented as geisha in the shoot. She apologized people for showing a culture that is not her culture.
Vogue Arabia fashion publication’s 22nd issue will be available in many middle eastern countries, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and UAE. Vogue Arabia has also launched its bilingual website in English and Arabic and the paper magazine will soon launch.

Abdulaziz said in a message to the website that,Arab countries deserve a certain place in the fashion industry, and covering Vogue with Gigi is a good decision as she is the best face in the fashion industry.

The British vogue editor Alexandra Shulman resigned last month after 25 years and during her career she saw several covers of famous personalities, like Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

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