Jon Stewart Told Media About Trump: It’s Time to Get Your Groove Back

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“It’s Time to Get Your Groove Back”, a New Message by Jon Stewart to Media About Trump

Trump is known for his lies, and a CNN hater Stewart says that Trump lies more in a press conference that CNN that lies in a year. To talk about trump and the media Jon Stewart is back to the late night show with his pal Stephen Colbert.

On The Late Show on Monday, Stewart popped up from Colbert’s back where he said that he has made a tunnel straight from his farmhouse. He told Colbert that he spent his day yelling about Trump while talking to his animals. Colbert was already taken on Trumps hostile link with the media.

Stewart said that he does not believe that the guy had the balls to go away, and also said that Trump lies in one press conference than CNN does in a year. The statement came from someone who hates CNN.Stewart gave the statement on Trump due his claim, like getting the excellent electoral college win since Reagan, and said that Trump is lying as Trump said ‘ believe me” and when one is true he does not have to say Believe Me.

Stewart Jon also said in front of the camera to the media, that he knows that media has broken up with Trump, that media thought as its match, but it could not work out that way. Jon also said that 70 year old men don’t get less cranky with time unless the nigh spirits visit them.

In his last appearance on The Late Show, Jon also mimicked Trump by wearing a wig and over-long red tie, and said that perhaps men now dress up like that. He also said jokingly that the president is setting new fashion trends for men with super long tie and dead animal on head.

Stewart also talked to Trumps’ executive orders, and also joined Colbert last year on an election evening at a musical show and plea to voters.

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