David Cassidy Reveals He Is Fighting With Dementia

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David Cassidy is struggling dementia just like his mother and grandfather

According to new news, David Cassidy is struggling with dementia. David is a 66 years old actor who got popular due to his role in a series The Partridge Family as Keith Partridge. The series got very popular in 1970 and it showed people with dementia.

Cassidy has a history of dementia patients in his family, including his grandfather and mother. His mother died at the age of 89 when she was struggling with dementia. The actor told People that he did not want to accept the disease, but he knew that one day he will have this disease.

He recalled the memory of her mother when she was dealing with dementia. He told people that every time he entered his mother’s room, she had tears in her eye that’s how she recognized me. That time he was afraid that it would happen to him, as dementia was in his family.

Now Cassidy knows that he has dementia, so he has decided not to travel as a musician and he wants to focus more on his heath. He said he wants to explore him, focusing more on his wants, happiness and joy of life.
Cassidy has lived a hard life with several ups and downs.

In a show in Agoura Hills, California, Cassidy forgot the song lyrics that he sang for 50 years. The incident warned him of his diseases, and he became very concerned about his health.

The actor was also charged a few times with DUI in 2010, 2013 and 2014 as well. His wife took the divorce because of his consistent arrests. Cassidy was also filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and was charged same year.

Cassidy is considered the heath throb of teens from 70s. The actor also faced abused issues when he was in rehab in 2014.

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