Justin Bieber in Trouble with the Law Once Again

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Bad Boy of Pop Justin Bieber in Trouble with the Law Once Again

The bad boy (or should we say man) of pop Justin Bieber is in trouble with the law once again. He definitely needs to change his crazy ways.

A man from Las Vegas has filed a case against Justin Bieber. He claims the cocky lad assaulted him in Cleveland about eight months ago. The man’s name is Rodney Cannon and he is 34 years of age.

He said that Bieber took sunglasses which belonged to Cannon with him after a game. When he tried to retrieve them, Bieber tried to punch him. Cannon had to engage in rough and tumble rowdiness with Bieber and literally pinned Bieber to the ground. Bieber’s representatives haven’t answered the accusation up until now.

As for Cannon, he is absolutely furious with the pop star and wants justice at all costs for this lack of decency and propriety, according to Billboard.

Meanwhile, there has been a separate incident where Bieber headbutted a gentleman for no other reason than that this curious person had taken his photograph. This occurrence took place at a restaurant which Bieber often visits time after time.

While this supposed fan of Bieber let matters go despite suffering many injuries, the fellow mentioned in the previous paragraph is pressing charges. Bieber has been known for his lack of civility and bad boy antics. He needs to grow up and come out of his teenage days on which he seems permanently fixated.

He is ruining his image as a pop star and there have even been efforts at kicking him out of the United States since he is a source of shame for the greatest nation on earth. His constantly aggressive stance and immature behavior have earned him a lot of disdain from responsible people everywhere.

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