Harrison Ford Almost Misses Crashing His Plane in Passenger Aircraft

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Harrison Ford makes a mistaken landing at a taxiway while nearly missing a stationary passenger plane with 100 passengers onboard

Harrison Ford almost missed another flying accident yet again and this time, there were 100 other people he put in potential danger. The 74 years old director is a passionate flyer and collects vintage plane as a hobby.

In his recent flying trip, he was instructed by to land his single-engine Huskyon runway 20-L at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. Air traffic controllers reportedly gave Ford the proper landing instructions and that he read them back, said the FAA.

However, Ford mistakenly made his descent on a taxiway and passed over the top of an American Airlines 737 carrying 110 passengers and a six-person crew. Once nearly missed, he asked Air Control if that airliner was meant to be underneath him.

Nearly missing a crash, AA Flight 1456, managed to depart safely for Dallas just minutes after the incident. The FAA reported that the landing made by Ford is a violation of flying laws.

The FAA will now launch an investigation which might yield a simple warning letter to a suspension of Ford’s pilot’s license, according to NBC News.

This is not the first time that Ford has had an accident while flying. This time, he came away from it without being hurt.

He was not very lucky back in 2015 when he crashed in a Santa Monica Penmar Golf Course after engine failure. A witness reported that Ford had saved several lives by rerouting his crash landing to the to avoid a tract of suburban homes.

He crash-landed a helicopter in 1999 during a flight lesson in Ventura County, California. And in 2000, Ford’s six-seater Beechcraft Bonanza scraped the runway during an emergency landing at Nebraska’s Lincoln Municipal Airport.

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