Shailene Woodley Not Interested in the TV Movie for Divergent Series

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Shailene Woodley expresses her views about doing a TV movie for the Divergent franchise saying she did not sign up for it.

Lionsgate had a hard time thinking around the whole Divergent series when the third installment for the movie Allegiant did not do so well on the U.S. box office. The movie earned a total of $66 million which was way less than the first part. Which means that the release for the fourth installment which was scheduled to take place in 2017 was in dire state.

That is why, the studio came up with the strategy to release the fourth installment of the franchise as a TV movie. The news about a spin-off series also surfaced which would include characters introduced in the TV movie. While it was a good news for all the fans of the series that they were afraid that the studio will not make any more movies, there was a new precarious situation attached to the whole scenario. The cast.

Including some of the rising stars of Hollywood including Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller, Theo James, Ansel Elgort and Zoe Kravitz and some of the more seasoned and award winning actors including Oscar winning Octavia Spencer, Oscar nominee Naomi Watts and Oscar winner Kate Winslet, there was a concern that the cast may not be so enthusiastic about appearing on TV.

While stars like Adam Sandler cherish their TV movies, the cast of the Divergent series may not be comfortable with the idea. Shailene Woodley was asked in a press round for her upcoming movie Snowden whether she is going to be reprising her role as Tris. Shailene was very straightforward about the whole scenario.

She said in an interview with Screen Rant that she knew that the studio had decided for a TV movie but she had not signed up to do that. She added that she had respect for the studio and she understood that the situation had changed but she did not sign up to do a TV show. So if the studio wants to see a TV movie, they might be looking to find a new Tris.

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