Rihanna and Drake Finally Kiss in Public

Credit: Getty Images

Serious and hard proven confession or revelation by their sources that Rihanna and Drake were a thing so they could start thinking some names for the couple like Drianna or something along those lines. Worry no more fans!

The couple did everyone one up during Drake’s gig in Miami. During one of his performances, he motioned Rihanna to come up on stage to a lot of applause while she sang a part of her hit ‘Better Have My Money’.

She was wearing a LBD and her hair was in a high bun. She got next to him and put her arms around his waist before giving him a big smooch on the lips.

Drake also wrapped his arms around her and they embraced passionately while the audience cheered on the stars. They both looked extremely comfortable before Rihanna went off stage and we all got to see the couple in action.

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