Justin Bieber Reactivates Instagram

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Justin Bieber reactivates his Instagram account just two weeks after shutting it down after a fan trashing gone haywire

Looks like everyone wants to be on the social media. No matter how resolute the stars might sound when they leave the social media, they always return. Justin Bieber is no exception. The Biebs deactivated his Instagram account two weeks ago. The reason? His current girlfriend Sofia Richie.

As Justin posted a couple of pictures with Sofia, many followers started to make bad comments about her. Justin warned them that if they kept doing so, he will make his account private. It might have been just that but his ex Selena Gomez added fuel to fire, telling him to keep his and Sofia’s pictures to himself if he couldn’t handle criticism. She also rebuked him for dissing fans who loved him and supported him. It soon turned into an ugly comments war in which both the exes called out on each other’s cheating during their relationship.

After that, Justin deactivated his account which caused a debacle among his fans and the media. Such a drastic step was not expected from the star who had over 7 million followers on the social website. No time or warning was given about whether he would be coming back or not.

Seems like two weeks was time enough for the star as he passively made his return and reactivated his Instagram account early morning on 29th August. His return has even started the trend #JustinReactivatedParty on Twitter. Justin seems to have thought over his whole Instagram strategy.

Till now he had posted a couple of pictures and all of them feature his “new little fluff ball” puppy named Todd. Looks like he has a new muse for his account and it also seems like that we will be seeing a lot of Todd instead of Justin from now on. The fans and the followers are happy for his return though.

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