Britney Spears Joins James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

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Britney Spears Joins in on Carpool Karaoke

Britney Spears sing some of her hit songs, talks about kids and tickling on her round of Carpool Karaoke

Britney Spears sing some of her hit songs, talks about kids and tickling on her round of Carpool Karaoke
James Corden got Britney Spears in the passenger seat for the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke. The blonde bombshell was dressed in a classy, off shoulder black lace top, jeans and shades with her blonde curls set neatly. James started the segment by thanking her for accompanying him to work. We all know that’s a usual quip from him for his guests but Britney declared that he was weird.

The first inquiry that James made was about her song “Oops…I did it Again”. A chart topper and a Britney classic, Britney said that she had no idea what the song was about. James was surprised that she did not know and he asked her again but Britney was insistent that she really did not know. James said that every time he orders a Dominos he goes to singing the song which made her laugh before they sand out the song full voiced and dancing in the car. Britney even broke out some racy moves.

Britney confessed that she didn’t know that James had kids. He told her that he had two aged 5 and 2. She was all adoring and called it very adorable. She told them that her boys were nine and ten and they are not babies anymore. She said that she wanted more. James was surprised and asked how many more she wanted. She was very set on three. She said that she wanted three kids more. James was admiring that she wanted to go straight up five.

She said that she had to find the right guy first to which James joked that she would have to tell him that he will be a father of three. He asked what kind of guy she wanted, what he had to look like and what he had to be like. She said that she was not into guys anymore. She elaborated that she was through with guys and commitment. She did not believe with marriage anymore although she might French kiss a guy now and then but she had no plans of being with a guy anymore. They then sang her super hit song Womanizer. Britney said that she liked James’ moves.

The conversation then continued and James said that she had two kids close together, back to back. She said that they were practically like twins, they looked the same and all. He then continued to ask if they had seen her Vegas show and she said that they had. He then asked if they had seen her perform in a racy outfit.

Britney answered gracefully that her boys knew that she was performing. They knew that that’s what she had been doing and does. James joked that if he saw his mother in her underwear, he would have that image imprinted on his brain and he would be traumatized. They then broke out in a ballad You by Britney which was emotional.

They discussed her use of aliases that she had used at different times and she confessed that some of those names had been Anita Dick, Alana Warmheart and Jessie Montgomery. James asked who came up with these names. He theorized that she came up with them on the spot and she agreed. He joked that he would use Britney Bitch. They sang Toxic together and enjoyed every minute of it.

James asked her If she was a good kid at school. She told him that she was a straight A student although she did get spanked when she was in first grade. She said that it had traumatized her somewhat. James said that he had never been spanked, not properly anyway. The conversation veered to a new bondage thing that you had to be tickled for a long time. They were both wierded out by the idea.

James joked that his wife would not be happy and Britney said she would be irritated. The scene cut to the outside view of the car and when we see in it again, both Britney and James were wearing the iconic school uniforms that she wore in Hit Me Baby One More Time. James even had a full wig on with braids and they sang the song with full zeal. Pondering over the song, they finally arrived at the CBS studio.

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