Justin Bieber Leaves Instagram after Online Scrimmage with Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber shuts down his Instagram account after negative comments and an comment section scuffle with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez

Celebrities like Justin Bieber are loved and hated equally worldwide. There are a lot of people who would call themselves dedicated fans of the star but will hate on him when he does something they don’t approve of.

The celebrity status exceeds the personal life and that’s what happened most recently when Justin posted pictures of himself with rumored girlfriend Sofia Richie. The fans started to post negative and hateful comments for the pictures. The comments caused Justin to warn the fans that he will make his account private if they did not stop the hating.

His forewarning bore some comments from his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez who advised him that he should not post pictures of him and Sofia and keep it between themselves. She also told him to not disappoint his fans who had loved him and supported him. The star came back with a retort to Selena for having dated him for attention.

That led Selena to implicate that Justin had cheated on her multiple time during their relationship. Justin also retorted in his comment to Selena about her cheating with another star. Selena then went the high road accrediting her fans for her success. This also earned Justin scorn from his fans.

The situation ultimately led Justin to take the decision to leave Instagram. With over 7 million followers, Justin’s account was one of the biggest accounts on Instagram. Presently if they go to his account they will see the abrupt message, “Sorry, this page is unavailable.” Justin is the latest victim to social media hatred and abuse. His decision presents strong point of view from the star who is proving a point to the world.

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