Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Getting Cozy on the Beach

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston spotted having romantic moments at the beach together

Spotted! Taylor Swift seems to move fast. Just two weeks into her break up with Calvin Harris, she has found a new man. That’s right to all the Swift fans and Harris fans. The pop diva and the 35 years old actor Tom Hiddleston were spotted together on a beach in Rhode Island. That is where Taylor is basically situated and Tom must be coming through town. It might have been an innocent meeting but there was a lot of hand holding and kissing involved which left no doubt in anyone’s mind that they are seeing each other.

In a few shots that were captured of the couple, Tom seemed to be helping Taylor on some rocks. In some other they are sitting together, in one picture, Taylor has perched her head on his shoulder. In one of the pictures, they are kissing each other. According to sources, the couple seemed oblivious to all other people that were moving around them on the beach. Tom gave Taylor his jacket at a later point.

Hiddleston who is really peaking in his career with his role as Loki in Marvel franchise, his critically acclaimed role in The Night Manager and being a favorite to play Bond, he seems smitten by Swift. According to sources, the two first met at the Met Gala which Swift was hosting with Anna Wintour.

The two seemed to hit it off and talked and danced on several songs together. Taylor was dating Harris at that time. The timing seems really suspicious though. Sources say that Tom courted Taylor properly, sending her flowers and calling her up, Taylor seems won over by the actor. The first indication to the start of the new relationship is that Taylor has deleted everything related to Calvin Harris on her social media network.

Taylor seems to have moved on fast because her friends were saying that she was expecting a lot from her relationship with Calvin. She was reported to be hurt and broken after the breakup. So it would be interesting to see where this relationship goes with Tom. Is she serious about him or is he just the rebound guy?

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