Robert Downey Jr. Reveals His Secret to Staying in Shape at the European Premiere of Captain America: Civil War

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Robert Downey Jr. attends the premiere of Captain America Civil War along with the other cast members and reveal his secret to keep in shape.

One has to think about the awesomeness of Robert Downey Jr. Even at age 51, the actor is rocking the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man, a superhero, billionaire and a very in shape guy overall. People would like to know how he manages to keep in such good shape and the topic came up at the European premiere of Captain America Civil War in which Iron Man is leading the crusade against Chris Evan’s Captain America.

The actor’s secret to stay in shape…well nothing too special. According to Downey, he has his work out for him wearing the metal suit for the movie. He said that moving in the suit and doing some exercises helps him to keep in shape. Another thing that he contributed his fitness to were the electronic medical machines which allowed him to heal and relieve any discomfort.

According to The Mirror, he revealed that any time that his counterpart and cast mate Chris Evan felt pain or discomfort after the shoot, Downey invites him to his trailer and use the machines to get relief. Oh how nice!
Chris Evans was also attending the event along with cast members, Elizabeth Olsen, Emily Van Camp and Tom Holland.

Tom is only 19 years old and will be playing the role of Spider Man in the movie. Talking about Downey, Tom said that he had been young and very nervous about working with the older actor. He said that he felt scared when he had to shoot scenes with him which are in the movie.

Tom said that Robert was very good about it all and welcomed him with open arms and made him comfortable. Tom admitted happily that he is a great guy and he is glad that he has the opportunity to work with him. Downey will also be featuring in Spider Man Homecoming in which Tom is playing the lead character.

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