WWE Ex-Wrestler Chyna’s Brain Will Be Examined for Signs of CTE

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Chyna’s Brain to be Investigated by Omalu for CTE.

Deceased wrestler Chyna’s brain to be donated to scientific research for possible case of CTE to Dr. Omalu.

Tell the truth! That is Will Smith’s iconic line when he played Dr. Bennet Omalu in the movie Concussion. Dr. Omalu was the first forensic pathologist to discover chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) during his work with NFL.

His work and struggle led to the NFL recognizing CTE as a condition among athletes and introduced detection tests and procedures for the condition among professional athletes.

One of those athletes was former WWE wrestler Chyna whose agents were interested in getting her tested during her life for CTE.

They were looking for a possible litigation against WWE but they never pursued the matter given Chyna’s history with drugs.

She was recently found dead in her apartment in Redondo Beach by a friend after she had been unreachable for a few days.

The police have identified the cause of her death as a possible drug overdose with no indication of foul play. The cause will be further determined after the coroner’s report.

Before the coroner could cut her open, Chyna’s representatives made a request to donate her brain to research what made Chyna tick.

According to her representatives, the purpose of donation is to benefit science and calm curiosity. They are not looking for any legal actions or litigations. They only want to investigate Chyna’s brain and whether she had CTE as they had suspected earlier.

The investigations will be made by Dr. Omalu himself. Anzaldo has revealed that he is currently talking to Chyna’s family to get permission for Chyna’s brain donation. They require the permission to acquire the brain from the coroner’s office for further examination.

According to Dr. Omalu, informing the coroner is also crucial so he/she will be careful not to dissect or touch the brain during examination.

Anzaldo told NYDaily that Chyna didn’t discuss suffering concussions during her time with the WWE, but she endured physical injuries and is an interesting candidate for other reasons too, including her history with domestic violence, he said.

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