Nick Carter Welcomes Baby Boy With Wife Lauren

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Nick Carter and Wife have a Baby Boy in their Lives Now.

Nick Carter and his wife Lauren have been blessed with a little bundle of joy in the form of a baby boy. The birth of the small one occurred on Tuesday.

The son, Odin Reign Carter came into this world after a gruelling 30 hours of labor contractions, according to ET.

The conception was a water birth and it took place at home. He weighed 8 pounds and 11 ounces. The couple had been secretive and all hushed up regarding the name of their baby. Yet they revealed it at the last moment.

The power-name selected was Odin which as everyone knows was a pagan god of Germanic mythical times. The singer spoke of how such a name was rare and charged with hints of power and potency.

The Backstreet Boys band member had only praise for fatherhood and the parental role. He also looked forward to his wife becoming a loving and caring mother to his child.

Nick regards Lauren as the perfect mother. She is so sweet and nurturing that he regards her with a great deal of respect and awe.

He felt sure that she would provide the best child-rearing for their son that any mother could possibly accomplish.

The couple shared their pics alongside their newborn son on social online media. It was a significant and emotional time for both husband and wife.

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