People Names Jennifer Aniston World’s Most Beautiful Woman Again

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Jennifer Aniston voted Most Gorgeous Female of 2016 by People Magazine.

Jennifer Aniston may have been dumped by Brad Pitt for that “Womb Raider” Angelina Jolie, yet she has enough self-esteem to make inroads into the world of fame and fortune on her own.

She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous yet she had the humility and integrity to be self-effacing when she was voted the Most Beautiful Woman of 2016 by People Magazine.

In fact, she was downright flattered. It came as more of a surprise to this foxy lady. The star of the erstwhile TV soap opera Friends said her usual OMG and than spoke of how it was like she was back to being a teenager.

She has learnt to love the skin she is in. Her body is like a temple and she respects it beyond measure. Jennifer Aniston likes to stay healthy and strong instead of being a stick thin figure.

It is better to let skeletons hang in a museum rather than emulating one to the point of emaciation. Yet Aniston also revealed that she has to be careful regarding what she puts into her body as far as nutrition is concerned.

It was a cinch to remain smart and fit when she was in her 20s. Yet such is not the case anymore. She has to take extra precautions and be more prudent these days.

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