Chris Brown Gets Extremely Emotional Over His Past Assault of Rihanna

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The rap star Chris Brown recently wore his heart on his sleeve when he started crying tears of guilt, remorse and anguish over his past assault of girlfriend Rihanna.

In his documentary, Welcome to My Life, he discussed the harrowing time during which he beat the living daylights out of pop starlet Rihanna.

That was more than half a dozen years ago. Chris Brown’s rise to superstar fame and the accolades he received from such talented individuals as Usher and Jennifer Lopez were all dashed to the ground after that one mistake he made of hitting Rihanna.

He changed from America’s Sweetheart to Public Enemy #1 and a Bad Boy in a single instance. The story of physical abuse filled the pages of newspapers in 2009.

According to Hollywoodlife, Chris admits that he felt really bad after the huge blunder he had made. In fact, in his own words he “felt like a (expletive) monster”.

According to Chris, he wasn’t sleeping or eating in those days but just doing drugs. He felt totally suicidal. Even Chris Brown’s mom admits that she felt at her worst during those days of crisis.

Her son was someone she almost lost way back then. Thank God, those days are over for both Chris Brown and his mom. Rihanna meanwhile has recovered from the bruises inflicted on her.

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