Zac Brown Spotted With Strippers, Condoms And Cocaine

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Zac Brown supposedly involved in a Wild Orgy of Sex and Drugs.

Zac Brown ended up in a hotel room with strippers, condoms and cocaine which he forwent with supposed ease. The country singer was in a Palm Beach hotel room when the police raided it and found evidence of drugs such as weed and cocaine.

Also three strippers were there doing their stuff, according to TMZ. One of these foxy ladies had six condoms and $1000 in her purse. Zac’s acquaintances said that he was out with his friends for a good time. The friend invited Zac to his hotel room and then the strippers turned up which became a case of the more the merrier.

There were other people in the hotel room too. The sources assured the cops that Zac was innocent in the midst of this Sin City scenario.

He didn’t do any drugs and neither was he aware of any strippers who would turn up to give lap dances and perform any striptease shows. The police turned up at the party scene 10 minutes after the arrival of the strippers.

The cops were seemingly hypnotized by Zac since he was such a famous celebrity. They got his autograph. Zac had the cops promise him that his name would not appear in the report since he had a wife and kids at home.

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