Prince Rushed to Hospital After Plane Makes Emergency Landing

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Singer Prince whisked away to Hospital after Forced Landing.

His representatives have said that Prince has been at loggerheads with a nasty case of influenza. It’s been several weeks since he has been suffering the symptoms.

He has already cancelled two shows due to his unwell state. He wanted to attend a third show but at the end of it, he felt even worse than before.

The symptoms simply got aggravated. He was on a plane which was forced to make an emergency landing, according to TMZ.

Prince was rushed to a nearby hospital where he recovered from his bout with the common illness that has no cure and which takes its time before saying goodbye.

The landing was in Illinois and he was treated in a local hospital. After three hours, he was discharged and he got back on the plane.

Currently he is back at his home sweet home and getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. What exactly prompted the emergency landing remains unclear and shrouded in a cloak of mystery.

Prince likes to jealously guard his privacy. As a very sensitive artist, he has his quirks that are brought on by the nature of his genius as a master musician.

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