Liam Hemsworth Says He And Miley Cyrus Are Not Engaged Again

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Liam and Miley are not about to get Married anytime Soon.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have been seen together on and off many times. This has the world piqued as to whether they are bound to walk down the aisle with each other.

Yet such is hardly the case. The two did split up in 2013, but later on they got together again. At last, the answer is out there in the open.

Liam told media watchdogs that “No” he was not engaged to the “Party in the USA” pop starlet. At least so far there are no rings on Miley’s fingers.

The two were spotted hand in hand recently. They have also graced more than one red carpet event. Since both are celebrity material, the public’s interest is at its highest concerning their personal lives.

When asked how they deal with the extra publicity, Liam had this much to say: “I don’t leave my residence at all.”

According to People, Liam also avoids the photographers and wolves of the media at all times. He likes to jealously guard his privacy. He prefers to keep a low profile.

Anything that attracts attention is avoided by him like the plague. This way he remains anonymous despite being a superstar of sorts.

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