Disney Star Debby Ryan Arrested for DUI Offense

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The cute and juvenile Disney star, Debby Ryan was arrested recently for a DUI offense.

Debby Ryan who is one of the leading stars of Disney Studios was arrested recently for drunk driving. She is the main protagonist actress of the show “Jessie”.

The girl was cruising along in Los Angeles about seven days ago. At 11 pm, she cut corners in her 2016 Audi and managed to crash into a Mercedes.

The driver was injured as a result. The police arrived on the scene and gave Debby the sobriety test which she failed at. This showed her drunken state at the time of the accident.

Her crime was taken a few notches down into the category of a misdemeanor. This was seeing her star status and her age which wasn’t much.

According to TMZ, she is free now on $100K bail. Her representatives are not making any comments on the sensitive matter.

Debby later on took to her Twitter account to apologize to her millions of fans. She said that she was sorry she had disappointed them by her irresponsible behavior.

She recognized the fact that she was a role model and should not have let her guard down.

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