Judge Allows Katy Perry To Buy $14.5 LA Convent

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Katy Perry will be the New Owner of LA Convent.

Katy Perry recently had a judge announce the verdict in her favor as far as the sale of an LA convent was concerned.

The pop star had her eyes on the convent since some time. She had offered $14.5 million for it. Dana Hollister who had tried to buy it in order to construct a hotel in its place was denied the benefit of the doubt.

Perry, who had met the nuns who were trying to sell the convent, presented her best side. Yet despite all the impression she lent the nuns, her real persona was found out and they refused to sell it to her.

Now, the judge has announced that only the LA archbishop will decide whether Perry gets the convent or not. The archbishop is in favor of the decision, yet the Vatican’s approval is being sought.

Read in detail about Judge’s ruling in favor of Katy Perry on I4U News.

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