Charlize Theron Says Her Kids Have No Sibling Rivalry

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Charlize Theron describes her Children as having No Sibling Rivalry.

The actress and gorgeous sex icon, Charlize Theron described her children as having no sibling rivalry whatsoever.

Charlize Theron has children who are truly from heaven. They are so sweet and friendly that one hardly gets the generally-held image of kids that are superbrats and fry bugs with magnifying glasses or torture frogs.

At a recent premiere of her latest movie, Theron had to make it clear that her infant daughter named August and her 4 year old son, Jackson had the most sacred bond as siblings. They couldn’t even imagine being cruel to each other.

Theron spoke of how she was a loner and an only child who faced some tough times as a kid. Thus this treat of watching her two children be so sweet and nice to each other is doubly rewarding to Charlize.

Charlize said that when Jackson walks into the room, August just gives him all her attention. It is such a sentimental act.

August even forgets about Charlize and pays her full attention to Jackson. It is truly beautiful to watch.

According to People, Charlize is so happy with her two kids that she hasn’t even thought about adding a third one to the batch. Besides, she is so busy that she hardly has the time to become pregnant again.

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