Megan Fox Still Taking Divorce Despite Pregnancy

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Megan Fox may be Preggers but her Divorce has not been Postponed.

The lovely and beautiful Megan Fox may be preggers but her divorce has definitely not been postponed.

Megan Fox is pregnant once again. Her hubby Brian Austin Green happens to be the father of her baby. She and her husband are not exactly in each other’s good books currently.

In fact, they were looking forward to a divorce. However, Megan Fox has decided not to delay the divorce, reported TMZ. The pregnancy was not a pre-planned thing.

It just happened by chance one night. She and her husband may have their differences but apparently they are still attracted to each other beyond words.

Whether she goes ahead with the divorce or delays it will have consequences in legal terms. Brian will have to pay for three kids instead of two, for one thing. She may even get to keep her assets as the one who brings home the bacon in the family.

She was living together with Brian for 11 years before the two decided to tie the knot. They stayed a max of five years before divorce proceedings were filed by Megan.

Fox is currently very busy making a ton of movies. Yet she says that having children has changed her. They are such wonderful bundles of joy that you cannot help loving them unconditionally.

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