Scarlett Johansson Supports Planned Parenthood

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Scarlett Johansson speaks out as a Cosmo Girl

In her recent interview to Cosmopolitan magazine, actress extraordinaire, Scarlett Johansson spoke her mind on among other things, Planned Parenthood, equal pay for women in the workplace and unrequited love.

She said that there were far too many big problems in the world to concentrate on tiny matters like cutting the budget for Planned Parenthood. It was a pathetic example of petty-minded conservatism.

Then she went ahead and said that despite earning more than many male actors, she wasn’t a braggart and only wanted other females to enjoy the same favors as she had been bestowed with.

Finally, she spoke of her love for another person which led her down misery lane once upon a time. She has long since recovered from that addiction.

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