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The Brit Awards 2016 went with a bang! Some of the winners left with a robotic trophy in their hands. There were those who left with multiple trophies such as Adele. The Best British Female Solo Artist was none other than the vivacious woman with the vivid voice, Adele.

That though was a foregone conclusion. It was simply the easiest thing to predict about the Brit Awards 2016. Adele was going to be the winner hands down in this category since she could kick anyone’s butt anytime in her field of endeavor. The lady has tons of talent. 

Adele ought to go down in the Guinness Book of World Records like the late Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift. She is a class act and Britain’s most special songbird.

Adele has not taken to fame very well, since she misses the good old life of anonymity. She still wants to connect with ordinary people on a full-time basis since she does not care about publicity and brand-building. A brand is a meaningless concept, as far as Adele is concerned.  

James Bay became the Best British Solo Male Artist. His Chaos and Calm was way up their at #8 on the UK’s topmost albums. He beat Calvin Harris to grab this spot with ease.

Whatever the critics say, fans of Bay are likely to buy the album in scads. It has popularity and appeal. The topics discussed in its lyrics seem to click with the inner lives of the masses. 

The Best International Group was Tame Impala. This group won in a peculiar category. They were up against such giants as U2 and Eagles of Death Metal. The group’s sense of psychedelic fun and experimentation with the unknown landed them this slot in a smooth and suave manner.

Their music seems like a weird mix of drug-induced euphoria and a wild mystical magical experience.  It almost looks like it was made while they were under the influence of LSD. 

The Best British Single was Adele’s “Hello”. Adele gave her all for the sake of this song, which lent the word awesome its fullest meaning. Co-written with Greg Kurstin, it was a chart topper in October.

Adele was the person behind the drumbeat which is featured in the song. The British Group which made it all the way to winning an award was Coldplay. This happens to be their fourth victory.

Their album “A Head Full of Dreams” was at the #1 spot in the UK. The band’s album contains songs that leave a little to the imagination. Yet that is Coldplay for you. 

Justin Bieber won in the category of International Male Solo Artist. The award was not given to him for merely showing his face. Bieber has been trying to leave behind his teenage alter ego and become a mature and full-fledged adult with the songs to match.

He has grown up and become man enough to take the criticism on the chin. At times though, he must still miss the soft arms of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. She was the girl who gave purpose to his life. He owes it all to her and her alone. The title tracks of the album prove this much. 

The Breakthrough Act that got the award was strangely titled Catfish and the Bottlemen. The group is Britain’s largest guitar bands.

They have their diehard fans that would jump off a building for them given half the chance. The youthful energy in the riffs is attractive and tends to induce an electric wave through the body when you listen to it. 

The artist that got the award for Global Success was once again Adele. This woman has a knack for collecting award after award after award. The International Female Solo Artist was Bjork.

She, by the way, didn’t leave out the dark subjects of a messy falling out with her lover in her songs. It made the songs all the more genuine and 100% authentic. 

The Video of the Year Award went to One Direction. As for the Mastercard Album of the Year, it went to Adele. Phew! This senorita just does not quit, does she?!

She has singlehandedly defied convention to be at the top of the roost. Aphex Twin, Calvin Harris, Jamie XX, Mark Ronson were the nominees who lost to James Bay in the British Male Solo Artist Category.

Adele meanwhile won out against the posthumously nominated Amy Winehouse, Florence, Jess Glynne and Laura Marling. 

Coldplay won the award at the expense of Blur, Foals, Id and Years & Years. Catfish and the Bottlemen won its accolade against James Bay, Jess Glynne, Wolf Alice and Years & Years.

The British producer of the year was Charlie Andrew. He has worked in synch with the group Madness and the music on the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Series.

While Justin Bieber took the award for International Male Solo Artist, Drake, The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar were nominated for the same category but failed to win an award. 

Bjork was the selected one in place of Ariana Grande, Lana del Ray and Meghan Trainor. Finally coming back to the reality of the situation, Adele was the wonder woman of the Brit Awards with over four trophies to her credit.

She is a queen bee among songstresses. Adele took the time to thank everyone on stage and she especially spoke of how it was good to get back home after so long.  

The tribute to the late David Bowie was handled by Annie Lennox alongside his friend Gary Oldman. Lennox said that David was an absolute visionary and a revolutionary who broke the mould.

His friend said that David was human, yet his superhuman status as an artist will make his music live on long after his death.

Bowie’s band then went ahead to present a string of his songs from the good old times. The unforgettable man will be remembered as long as there are nonconformists on earth. 

Coldplay opened the ceremony of the Brit Awards. Chris Martin and his band had a grand total of nine trophies. They must be mighty proud of their accomplishments.

Justin Bieber said that he was shaking from nervousness onstage. He thanked his fans for their unceasing support, even while he on the wrong track in his life.

Justin said that there are ups and downs in life just like in any journey one undertakes. The members of One Directon said that they felt odd appearing together after such a long time. It was like getting back on a bike after a year of lying in bed. 

Adele was the winner of winners though. She even took some time to drum up support for the troubled singer Kesha who claims that record producer Dr Luke sexually abused and harassed her.

Kesha’s insistence on the fact that he tortured her mentally and emotionally will not go unheeded, said Adele. So now that the awards are over, it is time to head back home and wait for other bigger things on the horizon such as the Oscars.

Complete list of Brit Awards winners is given below:

British Male Solo Artist
Aphex Twin
Calvin Harris
James Bay
Jamie XX​
Mark Ronson

British Female Solo Artist
Amy Winehouse
Florence & the Machine
Jess Glynne
Laura Marling

British Group
One Direction
Years & Years

British Breakthrough Act
Catfish & the Bottlemen
James Bay
Jess Glynne
Wolf Alice
Years & Years

Critics’ Choice
Jack Garratt
Izzy Bizu

British Single
Adele, “Hello”
Calvin Harris & Disciples, “How Deep Is Your Love”
Ed Sheeran & Rudimental, “Bloodstream”
Ellie Goulding, “Love Me Like You Do”
James Bay, “Hold Back the River”
Jess Glynne, “Hold My Hand”
Little Mix, “Black Magic
Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato, “Up”
Philip George, “Wish You Were Mine”
Years & Years, “King”

MasterCard British Album of the Year
Adele, 25
Coldplay, A Head Full of Dreams
Florence & the Machine, How Big How Blue How Beautiful
James Bay, Chaos & the Calm
Jamie XX, In Colour

British Producer of the Year
Charlie Andrew
Mark Ronson
Mike Crossey
Tom Dalgety

British Artist Video of the Year
Adele, “Hello”
Calvin Harris & Disciples, “How Deep Is Your Love”
Ellie Goulding, “Love Me Like You Do”
Jessie J, “Flashlight”
Little Mix, “Black Magic”
Naughty Boy Ft. Beyonce, Arrow Benjamin, “Runnin (Lose It All)”
One Direction, “Drag Me Down”
Sam Smith, “Writing’s on the Wall”
Years & Years, “King”

International Male Solo Artist
Father John Misty
Justin Bieber
Kendrick Lamar
The Weeknd

International Female Solo Artist
Ariana Grande
Courtney Barnett
Lana Del Rey
Meghan Trainor

International Group
Alabama Shakes
Eagles of Death Metal
Major Lazer
Tame Impala

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