Academy Awards: Chris Rock is Hosting Oscars Because of Ellen

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The comedian with the crackling comic voice, Chris Rock let loose a volley of one liners in an interview before the Oscars which are due by the end of February.

He said that Ellen DeGeneres who hosted the Oscars in 2014 was the standard he had before him. She just could not be beat and was a class act. Her ability was so great and her acting so natural that she was unstoppable in her field.  

Rock expatiated on how he had only praise for Ellen. He told THR that the Oscars will hopefully go smoothly this time around with him as the host. Somewhere he said that since she would not be doing it this time, he was glad to take her place.  

The racist nature of the show was something about which Chris didn’t have any comments. That was something the higher-ups were responsible for.

Whatever the case, you had to hand it to them for engaging a Black American comedian to be the host. Race may be an issue in America but the country had a Black President in the White House and now the Oscars were being hosted by Chris Rock. 

He said this much that it was all a matter of finding the sweet spot between extremes. If you hit it off with the audience by putting your best foot forward, it was plain sailing from there onwards.

However, if anything went wrong at the beginning, then the rest of the performance as a host would be botched too. So you had to be very careful.

Chris will need to be circumspect about some things , including of course the elephant in the room which was race. Jokes aside, hurting the sensibilities and feelings of vast majorities was not something he would be doing despite being given a free hand.  

Chris explained that although with the passage of time, the jokes tended to get riskier and riskier, it was all a matter of having one’s antennae ready to pick up any negative vibes and steer clear of controversial topics of conversation.

He would be dealing in movies and stars and would not go into foreign territory to begin with. To enter no-man’s land was a fool’s errand. Chris may be a comedian but he is no truth-telling fool.

Hypocrisy is the basis of civilization and some things are better left unsaid. Why should one wash one’s dirty linen in public when nobody will enjoy the act on television. 

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