Academy Awards: Leonardo DiCaprio Becomes Highest-Paid Male Oscar Nominee

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Leonardo Caprio is one lucky individual. Not only did he get a check worth $29 million for his movie The Revenant, he is one of the major nominees for the Oscars which are due on Sunday.

The 88th Academy Awards are coming up soon and all eyes will be on Leo as the man of the moment. This dude has been paid in scads before. He is rich beyond belief.

However, it is not for nothing that he gets to grab the cash. His roles in movies are hard and tough and not everyone can manage to pull them off with the ease that he displays in his acting repertoire.

The man is dynamite and very talented at the portrayal of all sorts of characters onscreen with finesse. He will surely be taking home a gold statuette or two at the Oscars on February 28th. 

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for Leo to show them what he has in the way of words at the Oscars. His exact reaction to receiving an award will remain a mystery till the moment finally arrives in its thrilling freshness.

Leo is friends with Kate Winslett who co-starred with him in the movie before the millennium titled Titanic. Will he be sharing some of the information and insider tips regarding the speech he will give at the Oscars with Kate?

Stay tuned to find out. Leo, by the way, may have been the best of method actors, but he has yet to win an Oscar.

So Kate Winslett, if she does text message him before the Oscars will probably be telling him to just let it all out at the opportunity of giving a speech. Something along the lines of “this is my moment” may be suitable. 

Leo remembers Kate well. Their rapport and camaraderie on the set of Titanic, one of the costliest movies ever made, was the stuff of which legends are made.

Kate wants her male costar from past times to be comfortable and natural while accepting the much-awaited Academy Award. However, it looks like Leo will be too excited to utter any meaningful words when the time comes to say what he wants to say.

We wish you the best Leo! Oh, and congratulations on the harrowing experience of making the movie The Revenant. Being inside a horse’s carcass and fighting a bear must have been hell on earth.

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