Amanda Bynes abuses photographer in New York

Credit: Getty Images

Amanda Bynes screamed at a photographer at Gilded Lily in New York during Nylon magazine’s It Girl party.
The 28-year-old, who recently returned to the city following a stint in rehab, walked along the red carpet before the party, but refused to pose for pictures and instead stood with her back to the waiting photographers.
However, once she was inside the venue, a photographer tried to capture an image of her, which prompted a furious response from the actress. A spy told the New York Post’s Page Six column: ”She started screaming ‘You have to delete your photos!’
”Amanda was screeching and flailing and going wild, and the photographer was visibly shaken.”
The incident comes shortly after Bynes claimed she’s engaged to her 19-year-old boyfriend Caleb.
Speaking to InTouch magazine, she explained: ”I am very needy for friendship and I hate men. I want to f*** them, but I can now say I’m engaged, I want to be married and I want to be away from people.”
Bynes also said hopes she and her fiancé, who lives in Costa Mesa, California, will have lots of baby boys after they marry.
She said: ”I want boys, for sure. However many I can pop out. I don’t want a gorgeous girl around. Then I [would] feel way jealous. Ew.”

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