Jimmy Fallon and his Life with his Baby

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Jimmy Fallon has been on The Tonight Show since some time. He is also a father and has said that though fatherhood is an absolute pleasure to experience it does lead to insomnia on a chronic basis. 

He has reiterated that being a parent is a full time job and that when you have a little kid to take care of you can kiss your forty winks goodbye forever. 

Even if you happen to be on a holiday with the small one, you just cannot get any shuteye. It is not possible with her crying and bawling. 

“When you have a baby, sleep is not an option. You can’t sleep. Even on vacation, you wake up at 6:30 a.m.,” he tells PEOPLE with a laugh. 

However, it is not all a tale of harrowing sadness for Jimmy Fallon. Ever since he took on the reins of The Tonight Show from Jay Leno, he has been on a coffee spree. 

The insomnia and sleepless nights sure make for a mentally stimulating and psychologically exciting time of cultural theocrasia on the show. 

He gets to discuss and debate so many points and ideas that the lost sleep does not seem to matter that much when seen in this perspective. 

After his wife cleared her infertility issues, Jimmy Fallon finally had a surrogate baby girl. His fatherly feelings are on the whole positive despite the sleepy eyelids he often sports. 

Jimmy affirms the fact that being a daddy to a little darling angel is an exciting and exhilarating thing to experience. 

“This has been the craziest year of my life,” Fallon says. “But being a father is the most exciting, amazing thing that ever happened to me. And everything’s going well on the show. My life has never been this cool.” 

The very feel of the status of being a caregiver and protector is one of coolest things on the planet. And with his show going strong, Jimmy feels on top of the world. 

There are so many things that have gone right in his life that he had every reason to be thankful about. He admits that he never thought that this phase would come in his life but now that it has, he is absolutely enthused and happy.  

“I didn’t think it was going to be this fun,” he says. “But everything just gets heightened when you have a baby. The volume gets turned up on life. I never knew I could be this happy, and that’s the truth.” 

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