Cheryl Cole: Tattoo pain wasn't bad

Credit: Getty Images

Cheryl Cole insists the tattoo on her butt wasn’t too painful.

The ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ singer sat for three eight-hour sessions to get a large rose motif etched onto her skin, but was so delighted by the resulting piece, it didn’t seem like much of a sacrifice.

She said: “I have three tattoos, this one, one on the back of my neck and the rose. The guy that did it is a proper artist, he does oil paintings, he’s unbelievably talented.

“It took about three 7-8 hour sessions. It was fine, I didn’t get it all done in the one go and he’s really amazing at what he does so it wasn’t too bad.”

Cheryl is making a pop comeback this year after a brief career break and is excited for the upcoming 12 months, in particular getting back on the road.

She said: “I was really excited for this morning, the first play of the song, and I’m excited for the first performance, the album, I’m just excited for this year in general. I’ll probably do a tour next year.

“Do I like touring? It’s full on, I do go full out, but that’s the best part for me, it’s the bit I love the most, when you’re on stage performing, it’s the best.”

While Cheryl has a title in mind for her new album, she isn’t ready to settle on one just yet.

She told BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw: “I do have one in mind but I’ve got too many songs at the moment so once they’re whittled down and it’s a body of work, I’ll choose one.”

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