Lea Michele: Cory Monteith made me feel like a 'Queen'

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Lea Michele says Cory Monteith made her feel like a “Queen every day”.

The ‘Glee’ star was left devastated when her boyfriend – who she dated for two years – died from an accidental drug and alcohol overdose last July, but she insists the actor made her feel special the whole time they were a couple.

She said: “Cory made me feel like a Queen every day. From the minute he said, ‘I’m your boyfriend,’ I loved every day, and I thank him for being the best boyfriend and making me feel so beautiful.”

The ‘Cannonball’ singer, who met Cory on the set of ‘Glee’ back in 2009, only has positive thoughts about the late star – who had checked into rehab on two separate occasions throughout his life – and she insists his personality wasn’t ruled by his addiction.

She explained in the April edition of Seventeen magazine: “I only have happy memories of Cory. He was not his addiction–unfortunately, it won. But that wasn’t who he was.”

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old star is determined to live her life the best she can without Cory, who died aged 31, but wants to ensure his memory lives on.

She said: “I try my best to march forth and live my life as best as I can for me. I also feel an incredible, happy responsibility to keep the memory and light of [Cory, who] was the most amazing person. I’m so happy to make it my journey now to continue on and live my life as best as I can.”

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