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Yoga teacher Emma Watson

Yoga teacher Emma Watson

Feb 15 2014, 5:20am CST | by

Emma Watson is a qualified yoga instructor. The 23-year-old actress is close to completing her degree in English Literature and is looking forward to using her free time to pursue some hobbies away...

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23 weeks ago

Yoga teacher Emma Watson

Feb 15 2014, 5:20am CST | by

Emma Watson is a qualified yoga instructor.

The 23-year-old actress is close to completing her degree in English Literature and is looking forward to using her free time to pursue some hobbies away from acting.

She said: "When I finish my degree, I will have a lot more time to pursue other passions, and I want to figure out what those will be.

"I love having something completely unrelated to the film industry. I want to find something that will let me use my brain in another way. I like connecting people who aren't part of that industry.

"I love painting. So maybe I hone in on that and do more art classes? Or maybe something different. I'm a board two certified qualified yoga instructor."

Emma also has some professional ambitions she hopes to fulfill.

She said: "I feel like I have so much more to accomplish as an actress. I'd love to try theater, and that's a whole other thing, and I love to sing."

And the brunette beauty is confident her studies will help her in her career.

She told Wonderland magazine: "I've read just about every important classic in English history, which has been extremely handy.

"It's helped me think in an analytical way. It's helped me see the world from new perspectives. Diving into these stories and characters has given richness in my own life.

"And now, when I read scripts or look at stories, I have these references for a larger understanding of humanity, I'm sure it will make my job as an actress more interesting."

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3 days ago

How To Dress Like Emma Watson, Who’s Been Killing The Fashon Game

Jul 25 2014 3:27pm CDT | Source: Bride Finds

If I had my way, I would have a 100+ slides all on Emma Watson and how amazing she is. Actually, I would make you a PowerPoint and sell you the idea of her. She's that cool. Before you assume, I'll just tell you: I'm a Harry Potter freak. I first got into the books my sophomore year of high school (late bloomer, I know) and I could re-read the series over and over again with no comp ...
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1 week ago

Lily Collins & Cara Delevingne: Top 15 Eyebrow Pencils For Perfect Brows

Jul 18 2014 4:05pm CDT | Source: HollywoodLife

If you are fan of Cara, Emma Watson, Demi Lovato, or Lily’s eyebrows, rest assured that you are not ...
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2 weeks ago

Emma's crazy heels and why the shops are full of ugly, unwearable shoes

Jul 13 2014 7:30pm CDT | Source: Daily Mail

Emma Watson caused a fashion stir when she wore heel-less heels to Dior's haute couture show, but GEMMA CHAMP and ANNABEL COLE think they're ugly an ...
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2 weeks ago

Vote! Who Was the Best Dressed Celebrity of the Week?

Jul 12 2014 10:50am CDT | Source: Zim Bio

Taylor Swift, Olivia Palermo, Diane Kruger, Charlize Theron or Emma Wats ...
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2 weeks ago

“Rachel McAdams & Jake Gyllenhaal are still spending time together” links

Jul 11 2014 11:30am CDT | Source: Celebitchy.com

Will something happen between Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams? [LaineyGossip] Natalie Portman wore tight jeans in LA. [Popoholic] First photo of Sir Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes. [The Blemish] Joy Behar responds to Elisabeth Hasselbeck. [Dlisted] John Legend put Laverne Cox into his music video. Yay. [Pajiba] Game of Thrones will be using Spain for Dorne. [Moe Jackson] Emma Watson has just looked miserable in Paris this week. [Go Fug Yourself] ...
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2 weeks ago

'Sup Katy Perry . . . and Thursday's Paparazzi Leftovers

Jul 11 2014 7:02am CDT | Source: Celebslam.com

Paparazzi photos from Thursday, July 10 Katy Perry performing at Madison Square Garden in New York (pics start here) Doutzen Kroes out and about in Amsterdam (pics start here) Emma Watson at the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week... ...read full story ...
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2 weeks ago

Worst Style From Paris Fashion Week!

Jul 10 2014 9:59am CDT | Source: Celeb TV

This week's edition of fashion fails is straight from the City of Lights and not everyone's style star was shining bright! JLo killed it at the Altier Versace show during Paris Fashion Week, but we quickly went from oh-la-la to oh-no! Just wait til you see Dakota Johnson's leather look: it's more rodeo clown than S&M! And Emma Watson was on point most of the week, but her lo ...
Source: Celeb TV  Full article at: Celeb TV


2 weeks ago

Kim Kardashian attends Valentino show in Paris: surprisingly pretty or still tacky?

Jul 10 2014 6:45am CDT | Source: Celebitchy.com

I saw some photos of Kim Kardashian out and about in Paris yesterday but I just ignored them because A) the pics were boring and B) Kim’s outfit wasn’t notable. I didn’t put it together that Kim had flown to Paris (where’s Nori?) to attend some Paris Fashion Week events. Lesson learned. Kim is a fashionista now. She is accepted by many in the fashion establishment. That’s what marrying Kanye gave her – front row seats at the Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter show, seated next to M ...
Source: Celebitchy.com   Full article at: Celebitchy.com


2 weeks ago

Jennifer Lawrence in silk & suede at Paris Dior show: gorgeous or orange?

Jul 8 2014 6:55am CDT | Source: Celebitchy.com

Jennifer Lawerence crept out of hiding yesterday to attend the Dior show at Paris fashion week. She was just named Forbes’ most powerful actress (she earned $34 million in a year!), and part of that power (and money) comes from representing Dior. I wish they’d give her better designs, but this ensemble is better than some of the wrinkled candy fug or vampy Dior designs she’s worn already. JLaw’s wearing an off-white silk scarf top wit ...
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5 weeks ago

Shailene Woodley Reveals Her Favorite Meal To Cook, Talks About Dream Role

Jun 18 2014 6:48am CDT | Source: TV Smack Talk

Emma Watson, you have been replaced. My new Hollywood crush is 22-year-old Shailene Woodley. We all know she’s beautiful. That’s old news. But more than her looks, she seems like a badass chick. And just so know, “badass chick” is the highest compliment you can give to a woman. Adding to her killer (not murderous) personality, she also told Women’s Health magazine she loves to cook up a mean pot roast. “Any sort of pot roast. In a ceramic enamel pot. You just can’t go wrong with the flavors. T ...
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