Snooki felt like a champion after 27-hour labour

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Snooki felt like a “champ” after going through labor.

The ‘Snooki & JWoww’ star was in agony for 27 hours while she was giving birth to her son Lorenzo, now aged 15 months, and has now offered her words of advice to anxious mothers-to-be, insisting they will be able to tolerate the pain and come out wanting more children.

Speaking in a promotional video for her new book ‘Baby Bumps’ on her official blog, she explained: “Since I gave birth, a lot of people have asked me questions about pregnancy and labor. I can tell that they are scared s**tless about what is going to happen to them and let me tell you I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain and I was a f***ing champ during labor – 27 hours …

“I got the epidural, that did help, but being in labor for 27 hours was a b***h and it was scary. I feel your nerves and I feel how scared you are but your bravery will overcome that and you’ll be a champ and you’ll push out that baby and you’re going to say, ‘That was a piece of cake’, and you’re going to want to do it all over again.”

Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi – who is engaged to Jionni LaValle – promised her fans that they would survive labor and feel likes “superwomen”.

The pint-sized ‘Jersey Shore’ star added: “When the time comes to step up to that plate and push that baby out, you’re going to be ready and do a fantastic job. I just want to get across that’s its normal and OK to be scared, you have no idea what to expect. Trust me you are stronger than you think.

“Let’s be honest, all of us who give birth are superwomen, we are straight up strong ass bosses and no one can f**k with us.”

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