Jessica Simpson accepts changing shape

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Jessica Simpson accepts her body is “droopier” after having children.

The 33-year-old beauty has 20-month-old daughter Maxwell and six-month-old son Ace with fiancé Eric Johnson and admits she thought she would no longer be able to wear the skimpy hotpants she donned in her 2005 movie ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ ever again due to the toll carrying kids took on her figure.

But Jessica is determined to shed all the pounds she has gained since making the movie, though she knows her figure will still look different.

Discussing the possibility of saying goodbye to the shorts, she said: “I was saying that for a bit. But three days ago I was staring at myself naked in front of the mirror – which I never do anymore – and I thought, ‘This is going to happen! I am going to be able [to] do this!’ When you put on 70 pounds, it’s hard to believe it’s ever going to be different. I’m not saying that things won’t be a little droopier, but that’s OK.”

The fashion designer loves working out as she can vent all her frustrations away from home and she believes regular exercise makes her a better person around her family.

She told the new issue of Redbook magazine: “Right now it’s a way for me to release my raging hormones and get out a lot of energy that I don’t need to be putting on my family. I don’t need to be putting on my family. It’s time for myself. I work out with my trainer four times a week and then do at least an hour and a half of walking every day in the morning before the kids wake up. It makes me more present when I’m with my children. Sometimes I’m out the door at 5am.”

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