Gisele Bundchen visits sick fan

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Gisele Bundchen surprised a young fan, who is batting cancer, by stopping by for a makeover.

The 33-year-old Brazilian supermodel, who has a son, Ben, four, and one-year-old daughter, Vivian, with her husband, Tom Brady, made Karina Xavier’s day when she visited her home in Malden near Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday (12.26.13) to swap beauty tips.

The 15-year-old budding makeup artist, who is also originally from Brazil, shared photographs of the model on Instagram followers and wrote to Gisele: “From the moment you surprised me, until the moment you left, I was so shocked for you being here with me! Thank you so much for taking time off of your day to come visit me and spend some time with me! Also thank you for your kind words and your very meaningful gifts! You are a great person and you will continue inspiring me. I love you.”

Giselle was equally moved by the encounter, as she also shared a photograph of them on Instagram, with the caption: “It was a pleasure to see you again. You are warrior, an inspiration of positivity and courage. I will be praying for you. Sending you love and light always.”

The duo previously met at an event hosted by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute two years ago.

Following the special visit, Karina told

“She’s a role model. I’ve always liked her, and when I saw her I just felt like we had a connection and we were alike. I was just so surprised and it was a great Christmas present.”

She added: “She did makeup on me, I did makeup on her. We were just interacting with each other, talking about makeup, talking about lots of other stuff.”

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