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Los Angeles, Dec 11 — Planning to propose to your girl? Make it memorable for her by taking care of a few things that will not just make the love of your life happy but will also help you get yes from her. uk lists the most common things a girl looks for in a proposal:

– Ask for her parents blessing: This is the most common request and as daunting as it might seem, make sure you do it if she wants you to. Asking for her parents blessing helps her to know you’ve put a lot of thought into the proposal and gone that extra mile to feel welcomed into the family.

– Make it a complete surprise: Not everyone likes surprises, but having a surprise proposal is a must. That isn’t to say it should be completely out of the blue because of course you should test the waters first. But you can do that by dropping little hints, while still keeping the whole thing a surprise. Trust me, you’ll appreciate that you did when you see the unsuspecting smile on her face.

– Use her full name: Not every girl will appreciate this – it depends whether or not she likes to be called by her full name, but most will. Calling her by her full name reinforces how much you actually care about her, and if you usually don’t use her full name it can seem really romantic when you do at that special time.

– Get down on one knee: This is a common demand from girls. A man getting down on one knee seems traditional, and that’s something girls need these days with all the unconventional proposals around.

– Make sure her nails are done: This isn’t always possible but it is a major factor in the proposal for some girls. Get in her good books a couple of days before and maybe book her an appointment to get her nails done. Then you’re in her good books and she will have gorgeous nails ready for you to put that ring on her finger.


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