Kanye West blames paparazzo attack on bad news

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Kanye West says he attacked a paparazzo because he had just been told his grandfather was dying.

The ‘New Slaves’ rapper was recently charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft over the incident with photographer Daniel Ramos in July, and he has now opened up, explaining the scrap came after he received some bad news.

He told gossip website TMZ: “It’s not about being a superstar, it’s about being a human being … If you had a daughter, and you guys say crazy s**t to me all the time, I couldn’t imagine my daughter being 4 years old and you guys screaming at us.

“The guy set me up at the airport the other day, laughing and s**t. That was the day I found out that my grandfather was not gonna make it.

“But when I’m coming out the airport, they tried to antagonize me and I tried to stop his camera.”

The outspoken musician – whose girlfriend Kim Kardashian gave birth to their first daughter North in June – went on to claim Daniel “faked” being attacked but also insisted he wants to build a “decent” relationship with the paparazzi.

He said: “He fell down, faked it and then people were like ‘Why did you hit that guy?’ I obviously didn’t hit the guy.

“But I’m going through s**t, I’m trying to have a business call … I know you guys are gonna photograph me, it’s all good – we’re in this together, you guys help me, you help Kim’s power and everything.

“I’m not trying to f**k you guys. I’d prefer if we just had a decent [relationship].”

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