So What Happened on the Dexter Finale?

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After eight seasons of blood and fun, Showtime’s Dexter ended Sunday night on a note of ponderous sorrow and penitence. You might as soon have expected Hannibal Lecter to open a funeral home for the indigent, or the Talented Mr. Ripley to sculpt balloons into animals for nursing-home patients. So what happened to Michael C. Hall’s Dexter Morgan, the Miami forensic analyst who, in secret, was a serial killer who got off on murdering fellow serial killers? Reported by People.

Dexter’s plans to flee Miami and start over with his soul mate, fellow serial killer Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), and his sweet little non-serial killer son, Harrison, went completely to pieces after his sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), was shot in pursuit of another serial killer, nicknamed the Brain Surgeon, and left comatose and on life support in the hospital. Dexter, who lately had been feeling surprisingly free of his fetishistic lust for blood, expertly killed the Brain Surgeon in jail and got away with it: His boss was willing to pretend that Dexter plunging a pen into the killer’s jugular with one well-aimed thrust was self-defense.

Dexter, moving quickly as a hurricane moved in on the city, removed poor Deb from life support and, noticed by no one, carried her corpse into his boat, the Slice of Life. He sped out into open waters while black clouds roiled the sky and he dumped the body, which floated down beneath the waves with suitable mournful poetry. Meanwhile, Hannah boarded a plane with Harrison. Dexter’s boat was later found splintered on the waves, with Dexter presumed lost in the storm. We are not going to give everything away but this is a good bit of the last ever episode of Dexter.

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