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James Franco's pals bash Anne Hathaway

James Franco's pals bash Anne Hathaway

Sep 3 2013, 10:48pm CDT | by Bang Showbiz

James Franco's best friends still blame Anne Hathaway for his disastrous performance at the 2011 Oscars. The 30-year-old 'Les Miserables' actress was the butt of numerous jokes made by Seth Rogen,...

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James Franco's pals bash Anne Hathaway

Sep 3 2013, 10:48pm CDT | by Bang Showbiz

James Franco's best friends still blame Anne Hathaway for his disastrous performance at the 2011 Oscars.

The 30-year-old 'Les Miserables' actress was the butt of numerous jokes made by Seth Rogen, Jeffrey Ross, Nick Kroll, Jonah Hill and Sarah Silverman at a Comedy Central Roast for the 'Oz: The Great & Powerful' actor, which saw the comedians take turns to publicly mock James' career choices and ambiguous sexuality on Monday night (09.02.13).

During the show, Seth, who starred in 'Pineapple Express' with James, quipped: "Look at me doing all the talking while you sit there doing nothing. I feel like I'm co-hosting the Oscars with you."

Nick later added: "James, honestly, what happened with you and Hathaway? Did you guys f**k? You know what, you're a gentleman, you don't have to answer that. Just squint once if yes. If anyone bombs here tonight they're just doing an impression of James Franco at the Oscars."

While Jeffrey said: "You never really said what was going on that [Oscar] night, man . . . You were like Billy Crystal-meth. You were a worse host than the AIDS monkey. The academy should have known when you combined Anne Hathaway and James Franco you get Anne Franco, which makes sense since you should have gone into hiding after that. Face it, Franco, you and Anne Hathaway had the comedic chemistry of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman."

James appeared slightly uncomfortable during some of the jokes and said: "This is truly my punishment for the Oscars."

The actor, who has regularly attracted the wrath of critics since hosting the prestigious ceremony, previously claimed he could take any criticism.

He said: "Criticism can sting but not for long. At this point I've heard it all, good and bad. I can take anything."

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12 hours ago

Stephen Colbert Out Of Character And Giving Dad Advice Will Melt Your Heart

Aug 1 2014 12:46pm CDT | Source: Crushable

As if I wasn't already enough in awe of Stephen Colbert after he shut down James Franco yesterday, now he's gonna go and give earnest, heart-felt advice to teenage girls? Fetch me my smelling salts! More »Stephen Colbert Out Of Character And Giving Dad Advice Will Melt Your Heart is a post from Crushable - Entertainment, Hot Guys, Movies and Celebrity News. ...
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16 hours ago

Here's Some Very Good Dad Advice from Out-of-Character Stephen Colbert

Aug 1 2014 8:50am CDT | Source: Gawker

Stephen Colbert will not break character on The Colbert Report—not even for James Franco —but he will do it to give solid fatherly advice to teenage girls. Read more... ...
Source: Gawker   Full article at: Gawker


19 hours ago

Jealous Johnny Depp Halts Wedding Plans As Amber Heard Gets Closer To Another – Much Younger — Actor

Aug 1 2014 6:17am CDT | Source: Radar Online

Johnny Depp is getting cold feet about walking down the aisle with fiancée Amber Heard, according to a new report, and James Franco has something to do with why he’s getting the jitters. Sources tell The National ENQUIRER  that the 51-year-old movie star is worried his 28-year-old bride-to-be is going to leave him for a younger guy after seeing the blonde stunner getting quite cozy with co-star Franco on the set of their new film ...
Source: Radar Online   Full article at: Radar Online


1 day ago

James Franco Talks Orlando Bloom VS Justin Bieber And Tries To Get Stephen Colbert To Break Character! Watch HERE!

Jul 31 2014 5:16pm CDT | Source: Perez Hilton

We just LOVE it when James Franco and Stephen Colbert get together! Whether it's Tolkien-offs or accusations of fraud, these two in a room are just a smile waiting to happen! Just wait until you see what happens when James tries to ask Stephen about the new Late Show gig! Not to mention James' take on the Orlando Bloom/Justin Bieber fight! See it all ...AFTER THE JUMP!!! The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Rep ...
Source: Perez Hilton   Full article at: Perez Hilton


1 day ago

A 'Child Of God,' Or Maybe Not

Jul 31 2014 4:03pm CDT | Source: WNYC Music

A freewheeling yet writerly style and a fully committed lead performance distinguish Child of God, prolific actor-author-director James Franco's latest literary adaptation. Even when the movie works, however, it's hard to see past the lurid details of the Tennessee tale, adapted from Cormac McCarthy's 1973 exercise in backwoods noir. Introduced while violently objecting to the auction of his family's foreclosed homeste ...
Source: WNYC Music   Full article at: WNYC Music


1 day ago

Love or Loathe: Lana Del Rey at the Child of God Premiere

Jul 31 2014 1:56pm CDT | Source: GossipGirls.com

Spotted: Lana Del Rey supporting her possible new crush James Franco at the premiere of his new movie, Child of God. I usually have very few charming things to say about LDR’s style, and this look… Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images I sort of almost really like. While I am averse to below-the-knee styles on curvy girls and crop-and-skirt combos, I do like her white perforated ensemble. It’s properly fit and well tailore ...
Source: GossipGirls.com   Full article at: GossipGirls.com


2 days ago

Lana Del Rey: "Ultraviolence" Music Video Premieres! Watch, Cringe Now!

Jul 30 2014 12:06pm CDT | Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Lana Del Rey is no stranger to controversy. We recently learned that Lana slept with "a lot of guys" in order to become famous, and the enigmatic songstress has made no effort to clarify her statement in the week since. Prior to that Lana wished she was dead in one interview, and encouraged fans not to listen to her music in another. And don't even get us started on her weird dalliances with James Franco. ...
Source: The Hollywood Gossip   Full article at: The Hollywood Gossip


3 days ago

James Franco Has A List Of Rules For Taking A Selfie With Him, Because Ugh You’re All Doing It Wrong

Jul 29 2014 10:15am CDT | Source: Crushable

Guys, I don't know if you know this or not, but it's James Franco's world and we're just living in it. While he goes around like a male Barbie, trying out every career and weird hobby he can think of, it's our duty as inhabitants of James Franco's Earth to make things easier for him. And right now you're just making it so hard by taking sub-par selfies with him. More ...
Source: Crushable   Full article at: Crushable


3 days ago

James Franco Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Take a Selfie

Jul 29 2014 9:59am CDT | Source: The Hollywood Gossip

If there's one thing James Franco knows, it's ... well... a lot of things. The guy is an actor, an author, a poet, a graduate school student, sort of a sketchball, possibly a Lindsay Lohan sex partner and most definitely a major selfie taker. Sometimes, however, selfies snapped by fans of the actor (especially those who posed alongside Franco during his Broadway run in Of Mice and Men) don't come out well - but Franco wants you to ...
Source: The Hollywood Gossip   Full article at: The Hollywood Gossip


3 days ago

VIDEO: James Franco Teaches Jimmy Fallon How To Take Perfect Fan Selfie

Jul 29 2014 8:49am CDT | Source: Gossip Cop

(NBC) James Franco taught Jimmy Fallon how to take a perfect fan selfie on Monday’s “Tonight Show.” For months, the actor has been fielding photo requests from admirers outside his Broadway production Of Mice and Men, so he’s very experienced in the art. He has thoughts on camera angle, camera distance, and… the perfect disguise? It all somehow makes ...
Source: Gossip Cop  Full article at: Gossip Cop


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