Michael Lohan takes blame for Lindsay's problems

Aug 22 2013, 3:29am CDT | by Bang Showbiz

Michael Lohan takes blame for Lindsay's problems

Michael Lohan says he is to blame for his daughter Lindsay's problems.

The father of the troubled star - who has had various legal woes in recent years including jail stints and most recently undergoing a court ordered 90-day stint in rehab - says he and his ex-wife, Dina, should take responsibility for the way she is because they divorced when she was young and had a volatile relationship.

He told Life & Style magazine: "I don't think she should have taken any of the blame for what happened to her.

"It's my fault and Dina's fault. We put her in the middle of the divorce. Now it's up to me and Dina to make this better."

Former Wall Street trader Michael, 53, and Dina, 50, married in November 1985 and separated when Lindsay was three before reconciling.

The pair eventually split for good in January 2005 and their divorce was finalized in October 2007.

Michael - who has had his own problems with drug use and has been imprisoned - has had a strained relationship with Lindsay, 27, for years but he claims he has been helping her since she left rehab in July.

He added: "The healing in our family has really helped a lot. We really came together in helping her."

Since leaving rehab the 'Scary Movie 5' star has also been vocal about how she believes she has turned a corner and now wants to stay sober.

In a recent interview, she said: "I feel whole again and I have such a desire to want to keep this feeling and stay this way, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

Michael and Dina also have daughter Ali, 19, and sons Cody, 17, and Michael Jr., 25, together.

Michael is also father to daughter Ashley Horn, 18, and six-month-old son Landon Major from other relationships.

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