Paris Hilton has no time to party

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Paris Hilton doesn’t have time to party anymore.

The heiress is said to have amassed a fortune of around £20 million from her business interests – which include fashion and property companies – and they keep her too busy to be part of the bustling Los Angeles social scene.

She said: “Yes, as a teenager, I used to love to go to parties. Every single night almost.

“But now I’m so busy with work I don’t have time. When I’m at a party it’s either I’m paid to be there, it’s a promotion for one of my products, or it’s for a special occasion. So I don’t really enjoy going out as much as I used to. I’m more of a homebody now.

“I like to be with my boyfriend, stay home and cook, just chill.”

Paris, 32, is dating Spanish model River Viiperi, 21, who she loves because he is “not like one of those Hollywood guys” and, most importantly, he loves animals.

Paris – whose personal menagerie includes several dogs of different breeds, ferrets, a miniature pig and a miniature pony – told the Sunday People newspaper: “He’s so good with pets. I wouldn’t date someone unless they did love animals because animals are such a big part of my life.

“You can tell if someone has a good heart by the way they treat ­animals. I really notice that with people.

“I just love that he’s so loyal and so sweet. He has a big heart. In relationships, I’ve never really trusted a guy before but with him, I don’t worry at all.”

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