Russell Brand loves lazy days with his cat

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Russell Brand loves lounging around in his underwear with his cat.

The comedian-and-actor insists he isn’t always out chasing women, despite his reputation, and likes to spend most of his time “looking out the window” in just his boxers with his pet feline Morrissey in tow.

He said: “I’m not always with women, although I like a gorgeous woman. Most days I’m in my pants with my cat looking out of the window eating a bowl of cereal.”

Although the 38-year-old star – who ended his 14-month marriage to pop star Katy Perry, 28, in December 2011 – may appear to lead a glamorous lifestyle on a daily basis, Russell admits he embraces mundane home life and likes to take a break from the glitzy Hollywood scene.

He is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: “You can’t sustain glamour all the time. You can only have moments. Glitter and sequins may look nice, but they don’t taste good.”

The ‘Rock of Ages’ star has previously claimed his cat – who is named after The Smiths singer Morrissey – was a “gangster” who has developed a taste for “murder” since they moved from Britain to Los Angeles, California.

He said: “My cat’s the dominating, supreme being of the home. I live most of the time in Los Angeles; when I’m away people go round, feed him, look after him, and cuddle him. He’s alright. He doesn’t care anyway. He doesn’t give a monkeys.

“All he wants to do is go out and ruthlessly slaughter God’s creatures – moles, lizards, birds, rats, mice. He’s a gangster, that cat. He doesn’t care about anything but murder. He lives for it. He’s a gangster cat.”

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