Madonna jokes about being ignored by daughter

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Madonna has joked that her daughter Lourdes doesn’t speak to her anymore.

While the 54-year-old singer has a close relationship with the 16 year old, even starting the fashion line, Material Girl, with her, Madonna joked Lourdes doesn’t talk to her because she is so obsessed with her iPhone.

In an interview on ‘Good Morning America’ to promote her new documentary ‘Madonna: The MDNA Tour’, she said: “Ever since my daughter got an iPhone she stopped talking to me.

“Seeing my daughter at 16 – it’s kind of uncomfortable. She’s still my little girl and she’s also a woman.”

While Madonna is uncomfortable with Lourdes getting older, she also spoke of her 12-year-old son Rocco who is now “a foot taller” than he was during her 2012 ‘MDNA Tour’, with “facial hair” and likes “looking at girls butts”.

She added: “He’s the showboat in the family.”

Although they have a famous mother, Madonna tries to be strict with her children and gave Lourdes the “very unglamorous task dressing and undressing the male dancers” during the tour.

Madonna said: “It had its unglamorous moments. They’re disgusting and they’re sweaty and they’re rude. She took her job very seriously.”

The documentary will debut on EPIX on June 22.

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