Caprice: Surrogate to be kids' aunt

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Caprice will make her surrogate an aunt to her kids.

The model – who is expecting two children, one naturally and one via a surrogate – plans to involve the gestational carrier she hired to carry her child in her children’s lives and has formed a close bond with the mystery woman.

She told The Sun newspaper: “I’ve been speaking to my gestational carrier every day and she’s part of my family now. She’ll be known to the boys as Auntie and she wants to keep in touch.”

The 41-year-old beauty hired the American surrogate amid fears she wouldn’t be able to conceive a child with millionaire partner Ty Comfort, 46 – however, she fell pregnant herself just a month later.

Caprice – who is due to give birth in September, just one month after her surrogate – admits she had reservations about telling the world about her unconventional family dynamic, but she plans to be honest with her children when they are older.

She said: “I was really worried about telling everyone about surrogacy — over here in the UK it seems more taboo. And I was worried what I’d tell my boys. But they’re going to know the truth, 100 per cent.”

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