Tamara Ecclestone gets a goose named after her

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Tamara Ecclestone had a goose named after her as a wedding gift.

The Formula 1 heiress tied the knot with broker Jay Rutland on Tuesday (11.06.13) and is being lavished with expensive presents during her three-day, £3.5 million celebration on the French Riviera, but nothing quite as unusual as having a bird named after her.

PETA have decided to gift the 28-year-old model with a fitting tribute, by calling a goose rescued from the French foie gras farm that supplies department store Fortnum & Mason with the delicacy – which is illegal to produce in the UK – in her honor.

Tamara is an ambassador for banning of the cruel practice – where ducks and geese are force fed to fatten their livers causing them to swell up to 10 times their original size – and has starred in a PETA advert against foie gras as well as personally convincing Formula 1 events to stop serving the food product.

Two male geese rescued at the same time as Tamara’s feathered friend have been named Sir Roger – in honor of Sir Roger Moore – and Prince Charles, who have both taken an active stand against foie gras.

Mimi Bekhechi, PETA’s Associate Director, said: “Tamara has worked hard to save geese such as Sir Roger and Prince Charles from the cruelty of foie gras farms, and now the joy of her wedding will be shared with the joy of freedom that these geese now experience every day.

“PETA wishes Tamara all the happiness that a kind-hearted, determined advocate for animals deserves.”

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