Billie Joe Armstrong talks about drug addiction

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has opened up about his fight with alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Armstrong, who entered a substance abuse rehabilitation program after a very public incident in September, said he “couldn’t predict where I was going to end up at the end of the night.” During the incident, while on stage at the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival, in Las Vegas, he smashed his guitar, shouting: “I’m not f—ing Justin Bieber, you motherf—ers.”

Armstrong said he did not remember much from the incident. He had to ask his wife, Adrienne, about the meltdown. She told him it was bad.

The performer made the decision to enter rehab and canceled the remainder of the band’s tour. Earlier, he had spent a brief time in an Italian hospital for an undisclosed illness. Armstrong said that it was not uncommon for him to experience blackouts, in which he wouldn’t remember what he had been doing or where he was at the time.

Green Day, a Grammy-winning band, was formed in 1980s. It boasts a total record sales of 65 million worldwide. Its hits include Dookie, Insomniac and American Idiot. The latter was adapted as a Broadway musical.

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