Evidence supports theory that Cleopatra murdered her sister

2,100 year-old remains may belong to Arsinoe IV, the half-sister of Cleopatra. While there is circumstantial evidence to support that conclusion, DNA tests have failed to verify that the skeletal remains actually belong to Cleopatra's sibling.

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Evidence supports theory that Cleopatra murdered her sisterLiz Taylor
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CAIRO, Egypt – An archaeologist with the Austrian Academy of Sciences claims to have identified the remains of Arsinoe IV, half-sister to Cleopatra.

Arsinoe IV was exiled to Ephesus, after she rebelled against Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, in 41 BCE. Some historians believe that Cleopatra later murdered Arsinoe fearing that the rebellious sibling could threaten her empire at some point in the future.

Hire Thur, during a lecture this week at the North Carolina Museum of History, reported that she believed she has found the remains of Arsinoe, in the area of Ephesus. The. archaeologist said that she discovered ancient writings that indicated that Arsinoe was murdered by Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.

In 1926, The Octagon, a burial chamber in Ephesus, was discovered. In it, scientists found a skeleton belonging to a woman roughly 20 years in age. Thur said the octagon-shaped monument is a tribute to the Lighthouse of Alexandria because Arsinoe was a native of Alexandria.

Whether or not the remains are those of the Arsinoe IV could not be verified through DNA testing. Other tests have also failed to conclusively verify the identity of the remains.

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